Building a SaaS Business: Creating Quill, a Document Chat Application

In this video, Josh, a software engineer from Germany, shares the process of building a software as a service (SaaS) business from scratch. He focuses on creating Quill, an innovative application that allows users to chat with their documents instantly.

1. Creating the Landing and Pricing Pages

Josh starts by creating an appealing landing page and a pricing page for the SaaS business. These pages serve as the entry point for potential users and provide them with an overview of the services offered.

2. Introducing Quill: The Document Chat Application

Quill is the main application developed by Josh. It offers users the ability to upload PDF files and engage in chat-based interactions with them. This feature enables efficient collaboration and quick access to information within documents.

3. Offering Free and Pro Plans

Josh provides users with the option to choose between free and Pro Plans. The plans come with different specifications, allowing users to select the one that best suits their needs. The Pro Plan offers advanced features and priority support to enhance the user experience.

4. Secure Authentication with Sponsor Kind

Josh ensures secure authentication for users by integrating with the trusted authentication provider Kind. This ensures that user data remains protected and adds an extra layer of security to the application.

5. Uploading and Processing PDF Files

Using Quill, users can easily upload and process PDF files. Josh demonstrates the drag-and-drop functionality, making the process seamless and user-friendly. The application can extract information from the PDFs and provide bullet point summaries based on their contents.

6. Managing Subscriptions and Support

Josh provides insights into managing subscriptions within the Pro Plan. He explains the process of canceling and resubscribing to the plan, ensuring users have a clear understanding of how to modify their subscription status. Additionally, priority support is available for Pro Plan subscribers.


Q1: What is Quill?

A1: Quill is an application developed by Josh that enables users to chat with their documents in seconds, providing efficient collaboration and quick access to information.

Q2: What are the different plans available in Quill?

A2: Quill offers both free and Pro Plans. The Pro Plan comes with advanced features and priority support, catering to users with specific requirements.

Q3: How does Quill ensure secure authentication?

A3: Quill integrates with the trusted authentication provider Kind, ensuring secure authentication for users and protecting their data.

Q4: How does Quill handle PDF files?

A4: Quill allows users to upload and process PDF files with ease. The application can extract information from the PDFs and provide bullet point summaries based on their contents.

Q5: How can users manage their subscriptions in Quill?

A5: Josh provides information on canceling and resubscribing to the Pro Plan, ensuring users have control over their subscription status. Additionally, Pro Plan subscribers gain access to priority support.

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