Chat with Documents Using Llama2 Model from Meta: A Tutorial

This video tutorial explains how to chat with documents using the Llama2 model from Meta without relying on open AI models. The tutorial focuses on the following key points:

1. Using Chain Lead and Quantized Llama2 Model

The tutorial demonstrates how to utilize Chain Lead and a quantized Llama2 model to enable document chatting on commodity hardware.

2. Loading Models with C Transformers Library

The tutorial showcases the use of the C Transformers library to load the Llama2 model and the Hugging Face embeddings model to split documents into manageable chunks.

3. Creating a Vector Database with Ingest File

The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on running the ingest file to create a vector database and store the embeddings of the documents.

4. Chatting with Documents Using the Main App

Once the embeddings are stored, users can run the main app to engage in chat conversations with the documents.


Q: What are the requirements for running the tutorial?

A: To follow along, viewers need a virtual environment with Python 3.9 or later and can install the necessary packages from the requirements.txt file.

Q: How is the Llama2 model loaded?

A: The tutorial demonstrates the use of the C Transformers library to load the quantized Llama2 model.

Q: How are the documents split into chunks?

A: The Hugging Face embeddings model is utilized to split the documents into manageable chunks.

Q: What is the purpose of the ingest file?

A: The ingest file is used to create a vector database and store the embeddings of the documents.

Q: How can users engage in chat conversations with the documents?

A: Users can run the main app, as demonstrated in the tutorial, to chat with the documents.

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