Chatting with PDF Documents using Amazon OpenSearch Service

Amazon OpenSearch Service offers a powerful solution for extracting insights from unstructured data, including PDF documents. Let's explore the key aspects of this capability:

1. Building a Chart-based Web Application

A chart-based web application has been developed, allowing users to upload PDF documents and ask questions based on their content. This interactive application utilizes a chat interface and is built using Streamlit, providing a seamless user experience.

2. Seamless PDF Document Upload

Users can conveniently browse and upload PDF documents directly from their local system. This streamlined process ensures easy access to the desired documents for analysis.

3. Conversion into Informative Vectors

Upon uploading, the PDF documents undergo processing and are converted into informative vectors using an embedding model. This conversion process enhances the data's representation and enables efficient indexing into the OpenSearch Service index.

4. Conversation History Tracking

The web application incorporates a feature that enables the tracking of conversation history. This means that the application can remember the context and details of each dialogue, ensuring continuity and providing a better user experience.

5. AWS Cloud Architecture

The architecture of the web application is powered by Amazon OpenSearch Service, which serves as the central core component. In addition to OpenSearch Service, other components such as the document encoder, query encoder, and embedder play crucial roles in pre-processing the PDF contents, querying the OpenSearch cluster, and encoding text documents into vectors, respectively.

The demonstration video showcases the functionality of the web application, providing a hands-on experience of chatting with PDF documents using Amazon OpenSearch Service as the vector database. The video demonstrates the process of uploading PDF documents, asking questions based on their content, and receiving accurate answers from OpenSearch Service.


Q: What is the purpose of the document encoder component?

A: The document encoder component plays a crucial role in the architecture by pre-processing the PDF contents before they are indexed into the OpenSearch Service index. This step ensures optimal representation and efficient retrieval of information.

Q: Can the web application handle multiple PDF documents as a knowledge base?

A: Yes, the web application can handle multiple PDF documents as a knowledge base. The demonstration video showcases the use of two PDF documents, one focusing on operational best practices for OpenSearch Service and the other serving as an FAQ document about OpenSearch Service.

Q: How does the web application ensure accurate answers to user questions?

A: The web application utilizes Amazon OpenSearch Service as the vector database, which stores the informative vectors of the PDF documents. By leveraging these vectors, the application can provide accurate answers to user questions based on the content of the uploaded PDF documents.

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