Create Fillable PDF Forms Using Canva and DocFly

In this video tutorial, you will discover how to effortlessly create fillable PDF forms using two free tools: Canva and DocFly. The tutorial emphasizes a step-by-step approach to guide you through the process.

Designing the Form with Canva

Canva proves to be the ideal tool for designing your fillable form. You have the option to start from scratch or choose from a variety of templates provided by Canva. This allows you to customize the form to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Converting the Design to PDF with Canva

Once you have completed designing the form, you can easily download it as a PDF file. This sets the stage for the next step in the process.

Making the PDF Fillable with DocFly

DocFly, a free website, comes into play to transform your PDF into a fillable form. By uploading the PDF to DocFly, you can utilize their "Form Creator" mode to add various fillable fields to the document. Text fields, paragraph fields, checkboxes, and dropdown menus are just a few examples of the fillable elements you can incorporate.

Customizing Form Fields in DocFly

DocFly enables you to adjust the size, color, and background of the form fields. This ensures that the fillable form aligns perfectly with your desired aesthetics and functionality.

Tips for Text Addition and Editing

Even if you initially forget to include certain elements in your form, DocFly offers a text tool that allows you to easily add more text. The tutorial provides valuable tips on how to seamlessly incorporate and edit text within the fillable PDF form.

Q&A (Question & Answer)

Q: What are the two free tools used in the video tutorial for creating fillable PDF forms?

A: The two free tools used are Canva and DocFly.

Q: How can I customize the design of the fillable form?

A: Canva provides the flexibility to start from scratch or choose from various templates to customize the design of your fillable form.

Q: What types of fillable fields can be added using DocFly's "Form Creator" mode?

A: DocFly's "Form Creator" mode allows users to add various fillable fields, including text fields, paragraph fields, checkboxes, and dropdown menus.

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