Enhancing Research: Four Free Tools to Understand Scientific Papers

Research can be a complex and time-consuming process, but with the help of free tools, it becomes more accessible and efficient. Here are four powerful tools that researchers can utilize to read and comprehend scientific papers effectively.

Herisa: AI-driven Mind Mapping

Herisa is an AI-driven tool that revolutionizes the way researchers explore and understand research fields. By leveraging mind mapping techniques, users can create visual representations of a research field, mapping out its concepts, relationships, and key areas of focus. This tool provides researchers with a comprehensive overview and helps them navigate complex subject matters more effectively.

OpenReed: Summaries and Context

OpenReed offers an array of features to enhance the reading experience. With a generous free plan, users can access five paper espressos, five paper Q&As, five AI summaries, and five chat sessions with a bot every month. By uploading scientific papers, researchers can receive concise summaries, contextual information, and interpretations in bite-sized chunks. This tool streamlines the process of extracting essential information from papers, saving researchers valuable time and effort.

Explain Paper: Simplifying Complex Text

Explain Paper is a valuable tool for researchers looking to simplify complex scientific text. By uploading a paper and selecting specific text, researchers can obtain explanations in simple terms suitable for different audiences. This feature enables researchers to communicate their findings effectively to non-experts and gain a deeper understanding of the paper's content. The tool also provides additional resources for further exploration, fostering comprehensive comprehension of the subject matter.

PaperBrain: AI-generated Answers

PaperBrain offers a convenient solution for generating quick answers and comprehending the main points of a scientific paper. Researchers can upload a paper and ask questions about specific sections or concepts, receiving AI-generated answers in response. This tool aids in extracting key information and facilitates a deeper understanding of the paper's content, making it an invaluable resource for researchers.


Q: How can Herisa assist researchers in their exploration of research fields?

A: Herisa is an AI-driven mind mapping tool that allows researchers to visually map out a research field, providing a comprehensive understanding of its concepts and relationships.

Q: What features does OpenReed offer to researchers?

A: OpenReed provides researchers with five free paper espressos, five paper Q&As, five AI summaries, and five chat sessions with a bot per month, enabling them to access concise summaries, contextual information, and interpretations for scientific papers.

Q: How does Explain Paper simplify complex scientific text?

A: Explain Paper allows researchers to upload a paper and select specific text, providing explanations in simple terms suitable for different audiences. It also offers additional resources for further understanding.

Q: How does PaperBrain help researchers in comprehending scientific papers?

A: PaperBrain allows researchers to ask questions about specific papers and receive AI-generated answers, aiding in the extraction of key information and facilitating a deeper understanding of the paper's content.

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