How to Use Chat GPT for Writing and Publication

Sean, a successful self-published author, shares valuable insights on utilizing Chat GPT for writing and publishing books on platforms like Amazon. While there are numerous online tutorials on leveraging Chat GPT for writing, several crucial steps are often overlooked, which can potentially result in book blocking or account termination. In this article, we'll explore Sean's recommended approach for maximizing the benefits of Chat GPT while ensuring a successful publishing journey.

Generating Ideas with Chat GPT

Chat GPT serves as an excellent tool for generating ideas such as titles, outlines, and content. However, it should not be considered a replacement for actual writing. Instead, it should be treated as a supplement to enhance your creative process.

A Three-Step Writing Process

Sean suggests a three-step process for effectively using Chat GPT:

  1. Step 1: Generating Content - Utilize Chat GPT to generate initial content based on your ideas and outlines. This acts as a starting point for your writing.
  2. Step 2: Customizing and Fact-Checking - Customize the generated content by rewriting, fact-checking, and adding your unique perspective and voice. This ensures the content is original and accurate.
  3. Step 3: Plagiarism and AI Detection - Use tools like to check for plagiarism and AI-generated content. This step is crucial to avoid penalties, book blocking, or account termination.

Paraphrasing with Cool Bot

For efficient paraphrasing, Sean recommends using a free tool called Cool Bot. It assists in rewriting content, ensuring it retains its originality and passes plagiarism and AI detection checks. Note that the free version of Cool Bot limits processing to 125 words at a time.


It's essential to understand that Chat GPT should not be solely relied upon for writing. By following the three-step process, generating original content, and utilizing tools like Cool Bot and, you can ensure a successful and compliant publishing experience.

Q&A (Questions and Answers)

Q: Can Chat GPT completely replace the process of writing?

A: No, Chat GPT cannot entirely replace writing. It should be used as a supportive tool to enhance your writing process.

Q: Are there any tools available to assist in paraphrasing Chat GPT-generated content?

A: Yes, there is a free tool called Cool Bot that can help with paraphrasing content.

Q: Why is it important to check for plagiarism and AI-generated content?

A: Checking for plagiarism and AI-generated content is crucial to ensure the originality of your work and avoid potential penalties, such as book blocking or account termination.

Q: Is there a recommended tool for detecting AI-generated content?

A: Yes, provides reliable detection of AI-generated content, offering the necessary assurance for your work.

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