Interacting with PDF Documents using Chat GPT: A Tutorial by Guru Tech Solutions

This tutorial focuses on the effective utilization of chat GPT for interacting with PDF documents and academic papers. It provides step-by-step guidance on uploading PDFs, extracting information, answering questions, and requesting summaries using chat GPT.

1. Accessing Chat GPT

Chat GPT can be accessed through the OpenAI developer forum or by visiting the website It is a free AI tool that enables users to interact with PDF documents without the need for signing up or signing in.

2. Uploading and Interacting with PDFs

Users can interact with their PDF documents in multiple ways. They can drag and drop the PDF file, browse and select it from their computer, or simply paste the URL of the PDF. This versatile interface allows for seamless interaction.

3. Extracting Information and Answering Questions

Once the PDF is uploaded, users can ask questions related to the document and receive accurate answers from chat GPT. The AI tool can provide insightful information on various topics discussed in the PDF, including sampling techniques such as probability and non-probability sampling.

4. Summarizing PDF Documents

Users also have the option to request a summary of the entire PDF article. This feature helps in quickly grasping the key points and main arguments presented in the document.

5. Highlighting Sources

Chat GPT goes a step further by highlighting the specific text or passages in the PDF from which the information is derived. This assists users in comprehending the context and locating the relevant sources easily.


Q1: How can I access chat GPT for interacting with PDF documents?

A1: You can access chat GPT through the OpenAI developer forum or by visiting

Q2: Can I use chat GPT without signing up or signing in?

A2: Yes, chat GPT can be used without the need for any sign-up or sign-in process.

Q3: Can chat GPT provide summaries of the entire PDF document?

A3: Absolutely! Users have the option to request a summary of the entire PDF article using chat GPT.

Q4: Does chat GPT highlight the sources of the information in the PDF?

A4: Yes, chat GPT can highlight the specific text or passages in the PDF from which the information is derived, helping users locate the relevant sources easily.

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