Introducing Private GPT: Query Documents Locally without Internet

Private GPT is an open-source tool that enables users to query documents locally without the need for an internet connection. It provides a private and secure way to ask questions and obtain answers directly from the user's own documents.

Installation and Setup

To install Private GPT, users can download the code from GitHub and install it on their computer. It requires Python version 3.10 or higher and Visual Studio with a C++ compiler. Users can install the necessary Python libraries by running "pip install -r requirements.txt" in the command prompt.

Document Ingestion and Querying

The tool includes an "" file that reads and breaks down the source documents into manageable chunks for the model to process. These documents, along with the downloaded model, should be placed in the "models" folder. Users can then run the "" file to query the documents and receive answers based on their questions.

Efficiency and Optimization

Private GPT may take some time to generate responses, especially when dealing with multiple documents. However, it offers the advantage of providing different answers from all the documents without the need to read through each one individually. While the tool may currently have some efficiency limitations, there is potential for optimization in the future.


Q: How can I install Private GPT on my computer?

A: To install Private GPT, you need to download the code from GitHub and follow the installation instructions. Make sure you have Python version 3.10 or higher, Visual Studio, and a C++ compiler installed on your computer.

Q: Can Private GPT query multiple documents?

A: Yes, Private GPT is designed to work with multiple documents. It can provide different answers from all the documents without the need to manually read through each one.

Q: Does Private GPT require an internet connection?

A: No, Private GPT allows you to query documents locally without relying on an internet connection. It ensures a private and secure way to obtain answers from your own documents.

Q: Is there room for optimization in Private GPT?

A: Yes, while Private GPT may have some efficiency limitations at the moment, there is potential for optimization in future updates. Developers are constantly working to enhance the tool's performance and user experience.

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