Learn the Basics of RAG Pipelines for Document-Based Chatbots

Learn the Basics of RAG Pipelines for Document-Based Chatbots

This video introduces Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) pipelines, which allow chatbots to integrate large document collections into conversations. Let's break down the key concepts.

The RAG Pipeline Architecture

The basic components include a document loader, chunk splitter, embedding computation module, vector storage, and more. Each component plays an important role in processing documents.

Document Loader

Loads files from sources like PDFs into the system.

Chunk Splitter

Splits long documents into smaller snippets for analysis.

Advanced Techniques

The video discusses techniques like hybrid search and ensemble retrievers to combine the power of different search methods. This enhances relevance of responses.

Example Code Implementation

An open-source code sample demonstrates how to set up a full RAG pipeline from data loading through response generation. It utilizes libraries such as RankBM25.

Processing Documents End-to-End

The example loads a PDF, splits it, computes embeddings, and passes chunks through the pipeline - showing the complete workflow.


Q: What is the goal of a RAG pipeline?
A: To power chatbots with large collections like manuals by retrieving relevant passages for conversations.

Q: How do hybrid search and ensemble retrievers work?
A: They integrate keyword and embedding searches or assign weights to multiple methods to improve accuracy.

Continue Your Learning

Check out the video series for tutorials on building full RAG pipelines to develop conversational systems at scale. Regular updates will enhance techniques.

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