Must-Have AI Assistants for 2024

This article highlights 5 AI tools that every professional should try.

CapCut - Powerful Video Editor

It uses AI to generate scripts, voiceovers and matching media from text. Plus background removal, effects and audio enhancement.

UiPath Clipboard AI

Save time transferring data between apps like handwritten notes into tables with AI optical character recognition.


Hone writing skills through AI-powered brainstorming, outlining, revision suggestions and document polishing.


Anthropic's language model automates generation of text, summaries and even code snippets.

Nvidia Maxine

Enhance video calls through noise cancellation, virtual backgrounds and optimized audio/video quality.


These tools save time and increase productivity through intelligent automation of common tasks.

Downloading and Using Tools

The article provides quick links to download each AI assistant mentioned.


Q: How does CapCut automate video editing?A: It generates scripts, voiceovers and images based on descriptive text input.Q: What types of tasks can GPT-3 complete?A: Text generation, summarization and basic code generation.

Continue Exploring AI Tools

Stay up to date on new capabilities coming to tools in 2024 and beyond. Intelligent automation is the future.

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