Quiver: Chat with Your Documents Using AI

Quiver is an impressive open-source project that serves as an AI-powered second brain, allowing users to engage in conversations with their documents. It is a versatile tool that supports various document and media types, including pictures, videos, PDFs, CSVs, and PowerPoint documents.

A Centralized Platform for Document Interaction

With Quiver, users can create different "brains" tailored to their personal or work-related documents. These brains act as specialized repositories, providing a centralized space for users to chat and interact with their documents. The tool utilizes Super Bass, a free open-source database, to efficiently store and manage documents.

Flexible Setup Options

Quiver offers flexibility in terms of setup. Users can choose to set up the tool locally or opt for a fully hosted version, depending on their preferences and requirements. The user-friendly interface allows users to easily navigate through their documents, view detailed information, and engage in conversations using various models such as GPT-4, local models, or Anthropics.

Customizable Features and Integration

Quiver empowers users with customizable features, such as setting the temperature and the number of tokens for generating responses. Additionally, Quiver provides API keys, enabling users to extend the functionality and integrate the platform with their own code and applications.

Q&A (Question & Answer)

Q: What types of documents and media does Quiver support?

A: Quiver supports a wide range of document and media types, including pictures, videos, PDFs, CSVs, and PowerPoint documents.

Q: Can I use Quiver for both personal and work-related documents?

A: Absolutely! Quiver allows users to create different "brains" specific to their personal or work-related documents, providing distinct spaces for document interaction.

Q: What models can I use with Quiver?

A: Quiver offers various models, including GPT-4, local models, and Anthropics, allowing users to choose the most suitable model for their document conversations.

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