Tutorial: Building a Chatbot to Converse with Multiple PDFs


This comprehensive tutorial guides you through the process of creating a chatbot that can engage in natural language conversations about the content of multiple PDFs simultaneously. By utilizing the capabilities of OpenAI and Hugging Face free models, you'll learn how to build this chatbot without incurring any financial costs.

Prerequisites and Setup

Before embarking on this tutorial, ensure you have the following:

A Python development environment
Basic knowledge of Python programming
To set up the chatbot, follow these steps:

Create a Virtual Environment:

Create a virtual environment to isolate the project's dependencies.
Install Dependencies:

Install essential dependencies, including streamlit, pi PDF two, line chain, python dot EnV, files CPU, openai, and hugging face Hub.

Building the Chatbot

Now, let's delve into the chatbot's development:

Graphical User Interface (GUI) with Streamlit:

Utilize Streamlit to create a user-friendly GUI for your chatbot.
Set up the page configuration, header, and text input field for user questions.
Natural Language Processing for User Questions:

Implement natural language processing techniques to understand the user's intent and extract relevant information from their questions.
Retrieving Answers from PDFs:

Develop a method to retrieve answers to user questions from the uploaded PDFs.
Employ text processing and information extraction techniques to extract relevant text from the PDFs.

Embedding PDFs and Database Integration

To enhance the chatbot's capabilities:

Embedding PDFs:

Embed the uploaded PDFs into the chatbot's interface, allowing users to view the original documents.
Database Integration:

Store the embedded PDFs in a database for easy access and future use.


By following this tutorial, you'll gain the skills to build a sophisticated chatbot that can converse with multiple PDFs simultaneously. This chatbot will empower users to extract information, gain insights, and engage in meaningful conversations about the content of their PDF documents.

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