Analyzing PDF Documents Made Easy with Chat doc

Chat doc is an advanced AI tool designed to analyze PDF documents and provide instant, accurate insights without any assumptions or imaginations from AI. With its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities, Chat doc simplifies the process of tidying up and summarizing work documents, including PDFs and Google Sheets.

Effortless Document Analysis with Chat doc

Using Chat doc, users can easily upload their documents and ask questions to receive immediate answers. The tool offers two types of accounts: free and paid. With the paid account, users enjoy additional benefits such as larger file upload capacity and the ability to ask more questions.

Instant Answers with Cited Sources

One of the standout features of Chat doc is its ability to provide instant answers supported by cited sources. Not only does it give users the information they need, but it also offers page numbers for easy reference. This feature ensures the accuracy and reliability of the provided insights.

Versatile Applications

Chat doc can be utilized for various purposes, including analyzing financial reports like Xero's annual report. It can also provide valuable information on topics such as diversity and the contributions of small businesses. Furthermore, users can use Chat doc to search for specific information within a document, such as mentions of sole traders in a report.


Q: What types of documents can Chat doc analyze?

A: Chat doc can analyze various types of documents, including work documents, PDFs, and Google Sheets.

Q: What are the account options available for Chat doc?

A: Chat doc offers both free and paid accounts. The paid account provides additional features, including larger file upload capacity and the ability to ask more questions.

Q: How does Chat doc ensure the accuracy of its answers?

A: Chat doc provides instant answers with cited sources, including page numbers for reference, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the insights provided.

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