Creating a Chatbot with Chat GPT API for PDF File Questions

In this video tutorial, the presenter demonstrates how to create a chatbot using the Chat GPT assistant API to answer questions from PDF files. By utilizing Flask, a Python web development framework, they enhance the project by incorporating styles and templates from a previous PHP version. The step-by-step process includes creating an file, importing Flask, and defining routes for the entry point and new chat functionality.

Developing the Chatbot Application

The presenter starts by creating an file and importing Flask. They proceed to add routes for the entry point and new chat, ensuring smooth navigation for users. Additionally, they define a function to render the index.html template, which includes a button for initiating a new chat session.

Efficient Handling of Chat Requests

To handle chat requests, the presenter creates a load chat endpoint and passes parameters, specifically the chat ID, for seamless communication. This allows the chatbot to retrieve relevant information and provide accurate responses tailored to each user's needs.

Seeking Assistance from Chat GPT Assistant API

During the tutorial, the presenter encounters a challenge regarding parameter passing and reaches out to the Chat GPT assistant API for guidance. Although it is unclear whether they receive a response in the video, this highlights the presenter's dedication to resolving issues and optimizing the chatbot's functionality.

Overall, the tutorial showcases how Flask and the Chat GPT assistant API can be leveraged to create a powerful chatbot capable of answering questions from PDF files, enhancing user experience and streamlining information retrieval.


Q: What is the purpose of using Flask in the tutorial?

A: Flask is utilized as a Python web development framework to create the chatbot and handle user interactions.

Q: Where do the styles and templates for the chatbot come from?

A: The presenter copies styles and templates from a previous PHP version of the project to enhance the visual appearance and functionality of the chatbot.

Q: How does the chatbot handle chat requests?

A: The presenter creates a load chat endpoint and passes in parameters, specifically the chat ID, to facilitate effective communication and provide personalized responses.

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