Build and Deploy a Full-Stack AI SaaS with Elliot Chong's Course

Elliot Chong's comprehensive course equips learners with the skills to create and deploy a full-stack AI software as a service (SaaS) using Next.js, OpenAI, TypeScript, and Tailwind. The course focuses on building a chat with PDF SaaS platform, which is a clone of the original product called chat.pdf. This platform empowers users to interact with PDF documents using the powerful capabilities of OpenAI.

Key Features of the Course:

  • Utilizes Next.js, OpenAI, TypeScript, and Tailwind for developing the full-stack AI SaaS
  • Teaches how to build a chat with PDF SaaS platform similar to the original product
  • Covers integration of Stripe for subscription payments and limited PDF uploads
  • Provides instructions for deploying the SaaS product and integrating the Stripe API
  • Designed for learners interested in creating comprehensive tutorials for AI-powered applications

The course delves into the entire tech stack required for the full-stack development process. It covers the usage of Next.js, TypeScript, and Click authentication for Google authentication. Learners are guided through the process of building and deploying the app, as well as integrating Stripe for handling subscription payments.

The chat with PDF SaaS platform holds significant potential for documentation sites as it enables the extraction of the latest information from PDF documents. By allowing users to interact with the content of PDFs using OpenAI, it offers a dynamic and user-friendly experience.

By default, users can upload up to three PDFs to the platform. However, the integration of Stripe enables the option for unlimited PDF uploads through a convenient $20 monthly subscription fee.

Elliot Chong, a skilled software developer from Singapore, specializes in creating comprehensive tutorials for building AI-powered applications. His course provides learners with valuable insights and practical knowledge for developing and deploying a successful full-stack AI SaaS product.


Q1: What technologies are covered in Elliot Chong's course for building the full-stack AI SaaS?

A1: The course covers Next.js, OpenAI, TypeScript, and Tailwind for developing the full-stack AI SaaS platform.

Q2: What is the main focus of the chat with PDF SaaS platform created in the course?

A2: The main focus is to enable users to interact with PDF documents using OpenAI, similar to the original product called chat.pdf.

Q3: How does the course cover subscription fees and PDF uploads?

A3: The course teaches how to charge subscription fees using Stripe and limits users to uploading only three PDFs. However, Stripe integration allows for unlimited PDF uploads with a $20 monthly subscription fee.

Q4: What is the target audience of Elliot Chong's course?

A4: The course is designed for learners interested in specializing in creating comprehensive tutorials for building AI-powered applications.

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