Create a Custom Knowledge Chat with Lang Chain: Video Tutorial

The video tutorial provides step-by-step guidance on creating a custom knowledge chat using Lang Chain, specifically trained on your own data extracted from PDFs. This tutorial aims to simplify the process of building personalized knowledge tools for personal or business use, offering complete flexibility and customization over the app's functionality and document processing.

Key Features of the Tutorial:

  • Demonstrates the easiest and fastest way to create a custom knowledge chat GPT using Lang Chain
  • Simplifies the process of building custom knowledge tools for personal or business use
  • Explains how to develop a system similar to chat PDF, enabling users to interact with a document
  • Provides complete flexibility and customization options for app workings and document processing
  • Offers a brief explanation of the system's components and how they work together

The tutorial begins with an overview of the system's architecture and its various components. Users are provided with a notebook that can be easily copied and pasted into their projects. They can customize the PDF name according to their requirements.

The system follows a multi-step process to create a custom knowledge chat:

  1. Document Splitting: The system splits the document into smaller pieces for efficient processing.
  2. Chunk Embedding: Each document chunk is embedded and stored in a vector database.
  3. Querying the Database: Users can submit queries through an embedding model and retrieve relevant documents that closely match their query.
  4. Contextual Answering: The system can also utilize a large language model to generate answers based on the query and matched documents.

Throughout the tutorial, users are guided on how to upload different documents, modify their names, and start utilizing the system effectively. The tutorial covers a detailed step-by-step process, including loading the PDFs, employing Lang Chain for data chunking, embedding the chunks, and enabling users to query the database for accurate and relevant answers.


Q1: What is the purpose of creating a custom knowledge chat with Lang Chain?

A1: The purpose is to develop a personalized knowledge tool that allows users to chat and interact with documents using Lang Chain, trained on their own data extracted from PDFs.

Q2: How does the tutorial ensure flexibility and customization for the app's functionality?

A2: The tutorial provides complete flexibility and customization options, allowing users to tailor the workings and document processing of the app according to their specific requirements.

Q3: What are the main steps involved in creating a custom knowledge chat using Lang Chain?

A3: The main steps include document splitting, chunk embedding, querying the database, and contextual answering. These steps enable efficient processing, retrieval of relevant documents, and generation of answers based on user queries.

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