Summarizing Scanned PDFs with Chat GPT and

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to efficiently summarize scanned PDFs using Chat GPT and By following the step-by-step instructions below, you can extract key information from scanned documents and generate concise summaries.

Step 1: Setting Up Zapier

To begin, log into Zapier and create a zap. This will serve as the foundation for automating the PDF summarization process.

Step 2: Configuring Google Drive

Within Zapier, search for and select the Google Drive app. Choose the "new file and folder" option, which will trigger the summarization process whenever a new file is added to a designated folder.

Step 3: Converting Scanned PDFs

Integrate the app into your zap to convert the scanned PDF into a searchable text PDF. By leveraging the API, you can seamlessly connect Zapier with and process the scanned document.

Step 4: Summarizing with Chat GPT

Add Chat GPT to your workflow to generate the summary from the extracted text of the PDF document. Utilize a unique value in the memory key to enable the assistant to continue the conversation smoothly.

By sending the conversation to Chat GPT, you can request a summary of the PDF text. The generated text summary will provide a concise overview of the scanned document.

For more detailed instructions and additional tutorials, be sure to visit, where you can explore a wide range of resources to enhance your PDF processing capabilities.


Q: What is the purpose of using Zapier in this tutorial?

A: Zapier is used to automate the PDF summarization process by connecting various apps and triggering actions based on specific events, such as adding a new file to a designated folder in Google Drive.

Q: How does the app assist in summarizing scanned PDFs?

A: The app is employed to convert scanned PDFs into searchable text PDFs, enabling easier extraction of key information for the summarization process.

Q: What role does Chat GPT play in generating the summary?

A: Chat GPT is utilized to analyze and summarize the text extracted from the PDF document, providing a concise overview of the scanned content.

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